Xbox Controller Wireless Adapter

by | Jan 12, 2018 | BudgetAdmin, CertifiedAndy

Growing up, my friends and I were console gamers. I most likely would still have a late fee for Perfect Dark (N64) if movie rental places still existed. Years of Halo LAN parties turned into a World of Warcraft addiction when it was in it’s prime.

Fast Forward to Gaming as an adult, I have recently found a new home with Destiny 2. Without going into details on my decision to go with the PC version vs the Xbox version, I still felt the draw to a controller. Fortunately, Xbox One controllers can be plugged into a Windows 10 PC via a micro USB cable without any issues. As I progressed, so did my wants and setup. I moved from the micro USB cable to use the built-in Bluetooth (the newer controllers support Bluetooth connections). Bluetooth was a great option but the controllers don’t support connecting headphones/mic to the controller and still required me to plug my headphones into my PC. Enter the USB Xbox Controller wireless dongle!

The Good

  • Cheap
  • Solid Connection
  • Works out of the box in Windows 10
  • Carries Audio through the controller
  • Supports up to 8 simultaneous controllers

The Bad

  • A little large and Bulky

MSRP:  $24.99

Amazon Link Here

In Game Feel

I have nothing to back this up with, not a single experiment setup to prove this, The Xbox One controller over Bluetooth feels like movement seems to “float.” I have no way to describe this feeling and I have no idea what the actual term is. After about 10 minutes I seem to adjust and no longer notice this floating effect. The Xbox wireless dongle seems to eliminate this.


For the money, this dongle adds plenty of upside. The ability to plug headphones and a mic into the controller alone was well worth it.

All in all, this is my daily driver for a controller on my PC.